We are a software-company based in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany, and develop innovative software-solutions for our clients to make the day to day businesses of countless people easier. We provide technical expertise and declare user-friendly, intuitive designs our company standard. Our main focus lies solely on our customers’ demands and needs. We have been collecting experiences in the field of web-development for the past 19 years and are happy to consult our clients in all things regarding their digital futures and transformations.




UI- / UX-Design


Big Data


Development and individual solutions stretching across various platforms.

In the beginning of our projects, there’s always the drafting and designing of an idea. This is when we put our experience to use by consulting our clients and developing a fitting solution with the help of our costumers' input in order to create a product that fits our clients’ demands and requests. We then develop individual frontend- or backend-software-solutions, putting latest technologies and user-friendly services to use, all while offering our clients the very best quality and agility. After a successful first project implementation, we will stay in touch as a partner always within easy reach, and will support our clients with all things regarding servicing, maintenance, further training and instruction, and through their very personal support system.
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